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Believing in Master, Experiencing the Miracles of Dafa 信师信法 见证大法的神奇
Believing in Master, Experiencing the Miracles of Dafa 信师信法 见证大法的神奇

PM10: C Goldring – Melbourne


Greetings Master!


Greetings fellow practitioners



My name is Cansin Goldring.  I come from Turkey but I have been living in Melbourne since 1994. I obtained the Fa on the 28 of September 2001. I remember a couple of months later I saw Master on a video. I didn’t know then why I started crying and I could only stop seven or eight hours later. I know now of cause, the cry was from my clear side after finally finding the way to return home. I knew Dafa was real and I had found my Master.



I had an inoperable heart problem, chronic migraine, stomach ulcer, depression and many more illnesses related to the medication that I was on. Within 3 months all my illnesses disappeared. I started my new life with Dafa and my fellow Dafa practitioners.



1 Helping Master to Spread the Fa in Turkey

1 在土耳其助师洪法

In order to help Master to spread the Dafa, I translated Zhuan Falun into Turkish with Master’s strengthening and immediately after that, in 2004, I moved back to Turkey with my son and husband. There, many people obtained the Fa and in a very short time, with the new practitioners, we founded the Dafa Association, improved the translation of Zhuan Falun and got It officially published in Turkey in 2006.



I came back to Australia in 2007 and saw Shen Yun for the first time in Melbourne. I had not missed one show at that time and I was always crying during the show. I said to myself that I had to go back to Turkey again to host Shen Yun in Turkey. In 2010, I applied to host Shen Yun and the Shen Yun office did not approve it in the beginning. However a few months later they sent me an email saying that Master had looked at the list of the countries and asked why Turkey wasn’t listed. When he found out we were not on the list He said that he thinks the Turkish practitioners should host Shen Yun. I am so grateful to Master for the most beautiful time of my life.



I asked my school for six months leave and they approved it within two days and to my surprise the director of studies said she would approve it only if I took her to Turkey with me. So my boss travelled to Turkey with me and met all the practitioners, as a result she got to know more about the beauty of Dafa.  So this time I went to Istanbul and hosted Shen Yun there with very few Turkish and Chinese fellow practitioners through clarifying facts to government officials at all levels as well as police and mediaas a result we successfully erased the interferences from evil party. We also got help from Iran fellow practitioners as one body. Again, we believed Master is always with us and validated the Fa as Dafa practitioners with righteous thoughts and actions.



2 Putting Dafa first, everything is perfect

2 永远把大法放在第一位


I would first like to tell you a very recent experience for which I am forever grateful to Master.  When we put Dafa first, everything in our lives becomes perfect - everything!  Last year in March, SBS Turkish radio wanted to have a radio interview with me about Falun Dafa. As I was leaving my house to go the radio station, my sister phoned and told me that she had just found out that she had a brain tumour. My father had died when I was 8 year old and this sister was 6 months old so I loved her so much and always cared for and protected her as my mother was 28 years old with four young kids - me being the oldest. We had a very strong bond. When she was telling me about her brain tumour diagnosis I listened to her and all our childhood memories became very vivid. I felt a moment of strong fear of losing my little sister.



However, immediately after that I said to myself that I am a Dafa disciple. Everything in my life is arranged by Master. I will accept everything that comes from my Master. That is her karma that I can’t control. I came to this earth to assist Master to save everybody, so I could not have this narrow affection for my sister. I said to myself that whether she can be healed or not is Master’s decision and I will not question it. Anything that comes from Master is good.


Master has said,

"The truth is, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves!" (Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s) from Essentials for Further Advancement II)


I believe that with all my heart. So what was there to worry about?



After we finished talking on the phone, I Just went to SBS radio with a pure heart feeling happy that I had passed this test. Maybe Master wanted to test me or maybe the old forces wanted to stop me going on the radio. They wanted to get me to put Dafa in the second place and put my sister first. Whatever it was, I was just happy that I was a Dafa practitioner. A Dafa practitioner has our benevolent Master. Do other people have this chance? No! We are the luckiest. We have everything because we have our Master. I had a very successful interview program. My sister went to Sydney and had a gamma-knife operation. She experienced a couple of severe car accidents but nothing happen to her.  Because I believe in Master and am not attached to her so Master is able to protect her.



3 Truth clarifying among my students

3 在学生中讲真相


I teach English in a language centre affiliated to a university in Melbourne.  Therefore I have many Chinese students in my classes. This has been a great opportunity for me to clarify the facts to many people in my class since I first obtained the Fa in 2001. I would like to share some of the stories related to clarifying the facts.



I had nine or more Chinese students as well as ten other students from different nationalities in my elementary class, all of whom knew very little English.



One day I asked them what they did at the weekend, and then I asked them to ask the same question to me. I told them I went to the park to practise qigong from China. So I wrote Falun Dafa on the board. First all the Chinese students became very quiet and uncomfortable and one of them left the class and the others started speaking in Chinese.  My other students from different countries were surprised and wanted to know what was happening. So I wrote the word “banned” on the board. My meditation was banned in China. I wrote the name of our web- site on the board and asked them to read why it was banned in their own language. They immediately started searching the net. Then I noticed all of the Chinese students also wrote down the web site in their notebooks. I also wrote on the board with big letters that I was so sorry but it was not me who was lying to them and I told them that I cared a lot about them so I told the truth. Now that they are in Australia they have a chance to learn the truth.



The director has a Chinese secretary who looks after the young Chinese students to make sure they are okay, and I thought they would definitely tell her what had happened. But I also knew that I have no fear about validating the Fa. Dafa comes first and the truth must be told. Whatever happens to me while clarifying the truth is okay. I am not afraid.  So I carried on with my lessons. The following week when I walked to class, to my surprise, the same students were sitting in half lotus and some of them even were sitting in the full lotus position on their chairs, eyes closed smiling with cheeky expressions on their faces. This way they were telling me that everything was okay! They had not told anyone that I wrote with big letters that the CCP was lying.



That group of students told many other Chinese students in the school, who were not in my class, about me - that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and that Falun Dafa is good. Some of them later came to me and said thanks to Falun Dafa practitioners that many Chinese have access to some web-sites in China.



When clarifying the facts I only think of saving those sentient beings. My heart is always calm. I know nothing is a coincidence. Those students are in my class to be saved. All these years I clarified the truth with an upright manner and with dignity. I am confident that I am a Dafa disciple and I have done nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide; no thoughts come into my mind such as fear of them going and complaining to the Principle or asking to change classes. This has never happened. Out of hundreds of students, none of them have turned their back on me.



Another experience is as follows:


When my son was studying at a high school near our house I applied to have a long-term home-stay student and soon I heard from the student services manager that they have a Chinese student coming from China who was 16 years old. When I heard he was from China I was a bit concerned about how his family would react to find out that their son’s home-stay family were Falun Gong practitioners. So I decided to talk to the student services manager of the school and told her that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. She did not know about Falun Dafa and the persecution so I told her all about it.  After listening to me she said this is Australia; we have the freedom to believe in anything we like. I will not encourage the students to question anyone's belief. This student and his family have already been told that he was staying with your family so this is not going to change.



I understood that it was Shifu’s arrangement. When I first saw the student he looked about 14.. He was so timid, so scared and obviously very worried and did not know what to do in this foreign country. A few weeks later, Michael and he already had a great relationship.



The student services manager phoned me and asked me if I had told him about Falun Dafa. I had not, so I decided to tell him that night. Michael and I told him that we practised Falun Dafa and we wanted him to tell this to his parents in China and find out if it was still okay to stay with us.  He looked just like one of these cute cartoon characters -so sweet. He had the most beautiful face with big black eyes. He smiled and said that his father’s sister used to practise Falun Gong, but after the persecution started she had to stop because his father is a Party official. He also said that nobody in his family, including his father, was happy about the persecution.



However, he decided not to tell his family for the time being and we respected his decision.  Six months later he decided to do exercises with Mikey and me and he loved it. He said he felt so happy when doing the exercises he could hardly keep his eyes closed and could not stop smiling. He also was trying to read Zhuan Falun.



Because he was worried about his father, one day he said: “I am now a Falun Dafa practitioner so I need to tell this to my father as I must practise truthfulness. I agreed. He immediately contacted his father on Skype and told him everything. I think that probably throughout the entire course of my cultivation this was one of the most critical moments for me. My heart started beating so fast as I really cared for this child.



After listening to his son the father said: “do not let anyone stop you. Do not let anything stop you”.  You are soon going to be 18 - you need to make your own decisions.  The father asked if he could say hello to me. So I met him on Skype. He said there was no problem - his son is my son as well and Falun Dafa is good .He could not find better people than Dafa practitioners to look after his son. I still cry when I think about the father who had no choice himself but to follow the Party line, but he chose to do the right thing for his son. I know that they are all saved. Thank you Shifu for your great compassion! I have not shared this before out of concern for the safety of that family and I also cannot reveal the name of the high school.



Here is another experience where I witnessed how the people of China are poisoned by CCP.



I had a few Chinese students in one of my intermediate classes and at this level in week 2 of their study they need to do a presentation about their country including important aspect of their cultures. It was one of the Chinese students’ turn. Nervously he started his presentation by asking the class not tell anyone about what he was about to tell them, otherwise his family would be persecuted in China. There were many other students in that class from other countries. They were surprised and curious about what he was going to share with us. To my surprise, this student’s topic was how the Chinese culture has been systematically destroyed by the Party and the Tiananmen Massacre. He had an uncle who was killed at that time.  He then explained to us the facts about the Party’s true nature. Everyone was shocked and admired him and felt sorry about what had happend to China and its people.



The next day I told him that I understood him really well because I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. His initial reaction was not very different from any other Chinese. Even he was brain-washed by the Party to a certain extent.



He started repeating the lies spread by the Party. I did not think anything negative and confidently said: “How come you are still thinking like that after all the lies they told about the Tiananmen Square Massacre, as you yourself were telling us yesterday. This incident showed me one more time the power this evil party has exerted on the Chinese people. How could he still believe in what the Party was saying about Falun Gong? I felt so sorry for him but it did not take him too long to wake up.  



He looked at me and the two other Chinese students who were present at that time and said: “Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes how could I be so stupid? How could I believe them?” He apologized to me many times for believing the Party. To my surprise he even gave me a hug, and this was my first hug from a Chinese young man. He read everything written about the persecution on the net.



4 Another miracle from Master

4正念救人显神奇 师尊安排一切


I would now like to share about another miracle from Master. While assisting Master in saving people in Turkey I unfortunately did not always do a good job. For example, on 4th August 2012, four Turkish Falun Dafa practitioners, myself and my husband went to a very popular holiday resort. We planned to give out some flyers but none of us had any flyers. We all felt so ashamed that we failed to be diligent and we had not put Dafa first. And now we couldn’t save anyone on that trip. I was so upset that I could not even go to the beach.



After everyone left for the beach I stayed in the house that we rented. I asked Master: “Please show me a way to reach everybody in this resort without the flyers.” A few minutes later I heard someone talking to the whole village over a loudspeaker. I could clearly hear this person saying:  “Could such and such persons come to the office to pick up their medicine etc.” All of a sudden I said to myself:  “That is it! There is a way to announce to the whole village about the Falun Dafa exercises and free teaching.



So I excitedly got dressed and ran to the beach. As I was walking to find my fellow practitioners to discuss this idea I saw my husband, who is Australian, talking to some Turkish guys. He waved his hand and called me and introduced me to them and said:  “Look these guys are really interested to learn about what you do.” He said he had told them all about Falun Dafa. One of them said he could help me to make an announcement to the whole village through the office’s loudspeakers. You just tell us the time and when you can teach us the exercises. The other person was the owner of the disco there. He said he could play the music through the speakers of the disco. It was Ramadan then. Everyone was fasting. We decided to ask people to come after 7pm.



Being summer It was still daylight. Many people came and the music started so loud so powerful. I taught the exercises to everyone with a few tears in my eyes, thanking Master for his forgiveness, his encouragement, and being there for us whenever we need him. Even though sometimes we fail to do the right thing, he never gives up on us.



But the story isn’t over yet! You won’t believe it but one of the people who came to learn the exercises was a professor from Ankara University who was writing a research paper on various persecutions of the world’s people throughout history. Recently she had been researching and writing about the persecution of Falun Gong. When she heard the office was calling people to the beach to learn the Falun Gong exercises she could not believe it. She learned the exercises and asked me many questions. She said she feels that this meeting was not anything ordinary and how lucky she was to meet me. She said Dafa is amazing! Yes it is! Dafa is amazing!



Please point out if there is anything written here that is not on the Fa.



Thank you Master

Thank you everyone for listening.





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